Second audio track on Nero AVC not found


I thought Nero AVC is using a pretty common h264 proflie. Unfortunately, all my vids show up with only one audio track on the WD Elements Play. Any tricks to get to the alternative language versions? In “options” it shows just 1 AAC track, though the files are encoded with two. BTW: Firmware has been updated already.

Doesn’t the EP only recognize a single audio track (and no subtitles) in an .mp4 file?

That’s exactly what I’m trying to find out at the moment… :wink:

I wasn’t trying to be sarcastic… I just don’t own one myself to know for sure.

When others have tried with a WDTV Mini, only the first audio track will play, and no embedded subtitles will play.

I was guessing that it’s the same for the Elements Play.  Hopefully someone else can pop in and verify one way or the other. :wink: