Second 750GB Caviar Black disappears on "sleep" in W7-64

I built a new i7-860 last month using an ASRock P55 Extreme (BIOS version P1.80) motherboard, (2) WD7501AALS drives and a Samsung SH-S223C DVD drive.  Had a few problems getting the right W64 drivers, but got it up and running and everything looked OK.  Original plan was to RAID1 the drives, but I decided to just use the second drive as an internal backup, due to the complexity of the RAID setup.  The C: drive is primary and the D: drive is the backup.  The DVD is E:.  Again, everything works, but often when the system goes into “sleep” mode, the D: and E: drives do not appear in Windows Explorer or Device Manager when it wakes back up.  This is a particular problem when W7 tries to do a scheduled backup and the drive is not there.  The only way to get them to reappear is to restart WIndows manually.  Has anyone seen this behavior and have a solution?  I know there is a new (P1.90) BIOS out there for the mobo, but I’m a little hesitant to update since the supposed changes don’t seem to be related to this issue, and there is the potential for screwing something else up.

I think there is a patch from Microsoft for this problem.  See this knowledge base article:

Thanks for the tip, but I tried to install the “hot patch” referenced and it says that it “does not apply to this computer”.  I think MS screwed up, as the file name has an i386 in it which usually means 32 bit.  Still looking for a solution, thanx for the try.