Searching within a Network Share folder non-existent

I have a large folder with videos on my network share, and I have found no way to search or in any meaningful way navigate through the list rather than holding the ‘down’ arrow.

Pressing the ‘search’ button displays a red cross symbolising an incorrect command.

I am using list view, WD TV Live HD Media Player 1.06.15_V. If this is the incorrect sub-forum please let me know, but I imagine that this is a problem among all WD software, and a very annoying problem at that.

Well, this is the wrong section… this section is for the WDTV Live Hub, not the WDTV Live and the WDTV Live Plus… but that’s no matter, a moderator will move it to it’s proper place.

But, with or without moving it, I can tell you right away what your problem is.  You simply can’t do it.

In order to “Search” you need the “Media Library” enabled and compiled, but the Live and the Live Plus only support the Media Library for local storage.  The will not compile a Media Library for network shares, and thus network locations can not be “searched”.

Sorry, that’s just how it is.