Searching Mac tags

I’m adding tags to all my photos, videos, music, etc. Problem is, when using the Tag search using a Mac, nothing ever comes up. I can search for file names with no problems. Is there something I’m not doing in order to get this working or are Mac Tags not supported?

Using tags within Mac are only functional if your disk is in HFS+ file system, the My Cloud is using Ext4 file system internally and Samba file services externally. I cannot image that your Mac is able to read the tags from a network drive.

AFAIK the Mac tags are stored in xattrs, so it would be possible to preserve them. Of course other OSs (operating systems) and FSs (file systems) will ignore it, but thats ok.

So, any chance? The only alternative I see is using a sparse bundle image with HFS+, but then syncing is not an option anymore and I can use it on my mac only, because iOS can’t open/mount it from a network…

Help would be very appreciated ;).

All the best

I tried to use folders for my tags and hard links between a file and all its tag folders, but WD My Cloud splits these links, as soon as I change the file (even a rename splits it), so this is not a solution either.