Search videos by filename

Does anyone know a way to search videos by filename?  There’s an option to search file name in Music but I don’t see in Videos.  My videos have no metadata in them such as title for me to use the search Title function.

If a movie has no metadata, filename will be used as the title.  So I believe that searching by title will work for filename.

Unfortunately it does’nt work for my 1000+  .vob files when searching using Title, nothing returns when I click submit.  I have to browse page by page to get to the file i need.  Don’t know why WD would disabled search by File name for video , I thought that would be the easy way to implement search. Would greatly appreciate if anyone has any suggestion.

You mean your VOBs are names something like


Instead of

The typical DVD naming scheme?

Thanks Tony for replying.

Your’re right, my video file names are something like Avator.vob  and  i need to search video by file name.

Basically my videos are video karaoke songs.  The file names are sorted alphabetically and I want to search for a particular song by searching for that video file name.   It is the same function as searching by File Name in Music but somehow it is not available in Videos.