Search Using Web or Current App

I need to be able to remotely search my MyCloud directories using either the Web Access or a computer app. At one point you could do this with My Cloud app, but I can no longer get the non supported app to run.

Everything I see on here seems to be suggestions that people put a request into the added features forum. Since those posts are years old, I can only assume that the suggestion is being ignored or has been solved another way and I’m just not seeing it.

Any ideas?

Hi WDTraveler,

You can use the Search option present in My Cloud Mobile app. You need to go to Share (where you want to search) and there is a search bar (with search icon) available at the top.


, I appreciate what you’re saying. But I need it specifically for either web access or a computer app not the phone app. The computer app used to have that capability.

Hello, i also need this search function on the web for a client. can we please implement this as soon as possible?

Post a request to the My Cloud Ideas subforum where the request for a search option on the MyCloud web portal has been asked for (in the past) at least once.