Search to find TV series....even manual not finding episodes, just series main title or movies

I’ve researched this as much as I can but can’t figure it out. I have a folder of all TV series with the appropriate filenames…Showname.SXXEXX.Episode name.

Now it won’t find it automatically, but I’ve gotten used to that. I have no idea when/how, it actually triggers to find new stuff and then go find it…although it is always looking!  :smiley:

Anyway, I have gotten very used to just going in and searching manually for a title which works for movies.  As an aside, for the movies it seems to cutoff after X number of characters and does NOT seem to like the year (which most people seem to use). Perhaps it has something to do with the nested folder path?

But for my TV series, it is only manually pulling up a movie, or TV show TITLE, and zero episodes to search through manually either.

Any ideas welcome.  The metadata scrape seems to be somewhat hit and miss. 


I wouldn’t swear to it, but I think if you drop the “Episode Name” part of the filename, you’ll have better luck.

Just use 

Show Name.SxxExx.(extension)

Yes, the TMDB API changed a few months (?) back, and searches with years in the title are ignored.  WD is aware of this issue, and they’re working on it.


Thanks for the try.  Here is what I did…after it continued to “get content” or whatever it says for like 2 days…I played episode 1, hit options>get content, and it presented a list and I chose the series, it then automatically picked the right episode and then I hit okay and it fixed that one episode.

So the format was fine, and once I forced it to search, it found it without me editing anything in the search box. So something is wrong or at laest intermmitent with the scanning algorithm.  I do not even have that many movies out there to search on.

And media manager knew they were there, because it listed by filename…  very strange.

Anyway, got it updated although manually.  Hopefully this helps someone else.