*SEARCH* simple theme / no graphics / Windows explorer-like

hi there,

i am browsing the themes section for quite some time now. Lots of graphically very well looking themes, but I want one that is heading in the complete opposite direction.

As I need the WD TV Box mainly for listening to music it would be very helpful to have a theme that has the look and feel of the windows explorer.
I organized my mp3 collection like this:

type of music
|_______________album name
|__________________folder with mp3 files

as you can see, the way the standard theme (and sadly all of the good looking themes I found) show the collection in a way that is completely inacceptable for me (because of the way I sorted my colleciton).

Is there a theme out there that’s working the way I want it? at least I am hoping.

Thanks for your reply in advance

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Now that you mention it, most themes are centered around movie and show playback rather than music. Hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Sorry for pushing the topic but…

Doesn’t anybody have such a simple and clean theme? Just the look of the windows explorer…nothing more. no fancy graphics, no additional menues…just plain and simple.

Unfortunately most of the themers that were once very active on these forums have moved onto other products. There is only one themer that I know for sure that is still regularly active and he has already said that they are retired from theming.

So sorry, but there is little to no chance of anyone posting up a theme relevant to your needs.

Themes only change the “Appearance” they don’t change the functionality of the player.

The only options for how music is organized and displayed is through using the Sort & Filter Options as detailed on Page 81

If that’s no good, and you want the look and feel of windows explorer … build a htpc and install windows on it.