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I have Windows Home Server with Twonky Media serving up flac files. When I go on my WD TV Live and browse to Music -> Media servers -> MyServer I get 10 categories like Album, All tracks, Artist, Artist Index, etc. That’s all good but I don’t see which folder is what until I set the focus on one so the description shows up on the top left. Is there a way to have that text show up as an image representing the foler/category. The goal is that I can see with one look what each folder/category is without having to move over all of them.

Sounds like the choices You are seeing are the ones in Twonky. I get a similar list of options in Tversity. Since they aren’t “folders” in the conventional sense I am not sure there is a way to represent the choices as images. There is no way for you to stick a folder.jpg “inside” for instance.