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Now that I am getting a huge playlist it takes a long time to scroll to get to one I want to watch. This may be a listing for the idea lab not sure. However is there a way to get to my playlist thumbnails quickly via a search. I use network shares with a NAS then I have 6 1TB hardrives attached to that. I am doing iso files and created a playlist of them The system itself works about as flawless as you could get I even did a straight bluray iso 100% with no file comprersion only took 30 mins and it even works great 16GB file I did only do the DTS master audio and comes through to my pioneer reciever as DTS with this new firmware not sure if I am getting the whole audio file or not. So if anyone knows how I could cut a corner and not have to scroll through 500 movies to get to the middle.I have made a few other playlists of certain actors this does help but having a search option or an alphabet to scrol through quickley would just about complete my setup any help would be apreciated

Still looking for answeres on this issue