Search functionality + Mapping

I’ve seen this request and I’ve been looking for a solution.  At one point I had access to MyCloud via File Explorer but I no longer have access to it for some quirky reason.

When you offer a Cloud - SEARCH is table stakes and shouldn’t be in a Release 3 or 4 or whatever WD’s on - it’s basic stuff.


  1.  When will WD offer a search feature via the Web based tool?  Seems like this should be simple coding for key word searches or we should be able to do with via our own admin access, right?

  2.  More importantly for the home user - There should be a prescriptive list of ‘How To’s’ when your MyCloud No Longer Maps to your Network - to quickly map you MyCloud and be able to use File Exploer or Finder or other tool to search your MyCloud.

Item 2 appears to happen enough and when I’ve searched the Forum, How To, the Web there are many options, but this should be straight forward.


i am not clear if you are having an issue or just request for features. there is a seperate sub forum for feature requests. I doubt if the mycloud has enough power to make a usable search function available

if you can’t see your shares in file explorer can you see the shares and files in the WD deskyop or mobil apps? if this is the case it sounds like an issue with the overall_share file this can be manually fixed if you are comforable in Linux or my doing a system only restore. a system only restore leaves all data and shares in place, everything else is reset like new

For #2 if you have WD Quick View see the images below for using it to Map a drive.



For more information see the User Manual.

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