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Ive just bought an elements play and loaded it up with quiet a bit of music and after reading the manual tried to search for some songs but when im in my music folder or sub folders  the search icon on the right of the screen only gives the option to edit file and if I press the option button there is no search option like it says in the manual, it does say something about edit file appearing while in browse mode? The only way I have been able to do a search is using the DB view but this searches all the media on the drive.Sorry for the long winded question I know I’m missing something simple, any help is appreciated, thanks.

Hello Mate,

Check the link below, it will show how to do the search step by step…Page 48.

If you want to search for particular type of media (for example, video files only),  go to the Home screen for that media type (i.e., select Videos in the main screen then press ENTER). The press SEARCH on the remote control. An on-screen keyboard displays.

Hey, cheers for the reply, ive read that manual but still cant get it to work, if i use the home screen and then music for example  as u said the only option the search button gives me is file edit this is across the board no matter what folder im in, and if i press the option button i dont get a search option like the pics in the manual, any ideas?

Dumb question: You’re using the ‘Search’ button on the remote control (bottom left), do you?

Ye the search button on the remote but on screen is the magnifying glass symol with file edit beside it on the bottom right of screen, im thinking now it might have to do with the system scanning the database first as its still scanning stuff every time i turn it on, maybe when its finished scanning and has a database i can search it properly?

Yes, the SCAN must complete before SEARCH is active.

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Ah ok, thanks for that.

Oh, forgot to mention:   Make sure the “View” setting is set to “DB View” to activate SEARCH.