Search function not working in 'Video"

Hi.  In ‘Files’ I can press the Search button and search by Title.  It works perfectly.

In ‘Video’ the Search button gives me more searching options - Title/Director/Actor - but when I choose ‘Submit’ (after entering my search criteria) absolutely nothing happens - the onscreen keyboard just stays onscreen.

Is this a known problem?  Is there an explanation or solution?

Many thanks.

Is the “Media Library Compilation” enabled? Normally, this allows you to search your files using a more complex criteria.

Hi.  I don’t see an option with exactly that title.  What I do have is simply On, Off and Clear Media Library.  The search function only works, of course, when Media Library is On.  I’ve tried ‘Clear’ then On again but still can’t search while in Videos - nothing happens after pressing Submit.

Searching while in Files is fine.

Seems odd to me.  Have you any further thoughts?

Kind regards.