Search function is missing in the client software?

Its very difficult finding my files and documents on a 4TB drive without a “search” function or field. Is there one that I am not seeing? If not why? This is a very basic function of any app these days!

What “client software” are you using?

One can search the My Cloud Shares using the search feature included with Windows File Explorer (and I assume using Mac Finder).

How long have you had your My Cloud and what devices are you using to place your documents and files on it? Mine are placed on My Cloud exactly as they are on my computer.

What firmware version do you have, 4.X or 2.X? You will find this on the Dashboard. This will help in giving you a link to the User Manual.


I do not use any of the WD software, so here is what works for me:

  • internet browser for dashboard access (http://my-devce-ip)
  • Windows File Explorer for accessing or map the share: \\my-devce-ip\
  • OS x Finder for accessing the share: Finder > Go > Connect to Server > smb://my-device-ip
    Both Windows explorer and OSx Finder have search functions.
    The above applies to just about any NAS from any vendor/brand.

You can also try it replacing my-device-ip by the name of the device.

If you learn to depend on the OS build-in tools, you will be efficient on any NAS.