Search function confusion

I am a bit confused about uing the search option. When I am in a directory that is on the local hard drive, the function seems to work fine by pressing the “search” button on the remote. When I am on a network drive, one that is on my live plus, nothing happens. No search window comes up.

I am just noticing this now as I have added a wireless keyboard today and figured that would be one of the main values of it, being able to search through my movies as opposed to moving through the directory stucture. I am using FW  3.01.19 and have the media library on.

Is this the normal behavior that you cannot search network drives, or am i doing something wrong here.

Thanks in advance. It sure would be nice to be able to search for an actor and come up wiith all the movies he is in.


No, you’re not doing anything wrong, it’s that the Live Plus doesn’t support SEARCH on NAS.

Thanks Tony for the help.  Just ,to make sure I was clear, I am trying to search on my LiveHUB, to a network share of stuff attached to a LivePLus. I am assuming the answer is the same though. Also Just so I understand the terminology, the Hub considers all other network shares using SMB to be NAS, correct, not just actualy NAS boxes.

I guess the easy answer is to move my portable drives to the HUB, and now that it appears that you can successfuly use USB HUBs I can make enough USB ports to hold my externals  and still use my keyboard.

So out of curiosity my friend, you 16Tb of QNAP NAS in your .sig. You have no way of searching though it to find stuff you want? You just go folder by folder?

thanks for all the help … sigh


okay, solved my own issue (by reading the release notes DUH!)  Pretty lame on my part

I had to add the share to the media library and the choose “My Media Library” as the content source. Now search works fine with network drives. Does  not work if you choose to connect as a network drive. Simple answer, add the shares to the media library and search away…

Thanks, and sorry for not doing my own research first