Search feature in wd2go

Wd2go is a great app - it has almost everything basic you need, except for the ability to search. Since we are talking about storages which are 2 TB or more, the search feature is basic. See if this can be developed in the next update.

This search feature can be activated upon the usual iOS swipe up.

Great job by the WD team with the WD Live product and software for PC and Apple devices.

I agree with the original poster. My file naming conventions for some files helps, but for the most part for files that I may need to use regularly or do not have the right convention, the scrolling is frustrating. I do not think that most people in this day and age have folder upon folder, so adding a search function would be great.


I think WD should reconsider this decision. A search feature would be very useful considering you can have hundreds of folders with thousands of files like I do.