Search does not work - both Safari and Androide

I have 2 devises - MyCloud and MyCloudEX2Ultra

In both the Androide app - and when login in via Safari to - I can not search for a specific file

In the app for Andriode - I see the search field - but I can not enter anything in the search field

In the Safari browser when on login in on - I can not find a search field

What do I do wrong?

Thank you for helping…


I just tested the search on my android app and it works.

Search using the web app is not available for any user.

Thank you

For the android - seams it is a connection error between the keybord input “program” and teh MyCloud app.

Changing keyboard from f ex Gboard til Microsoft does the trick for some time - then need to change keyboard again

As for search in a web-browser - thank you for info