Search a right WD-HDD for my demand

Dear Sir or Madam,

To belong now the WD-community I’m looking forward.

My place is Germany and I’m 25 years old.

I search since 1 week a internal WD-HDD (with HDD-case from any company) for generally data storage (with my laptop) and in the same time for dashcam-system (records in Full HD) in my car. So the HDD will always be in the car.

The price and volume is not so important for me. Perhaps in the first moment is nice to hear, when the HD is listed since 2014 or 2015, but when anyone hasn’t experience with them, then it’s to risk for me to buy them.

So I want a WD-HDD with good experience and which is perfect for my demand. It gave many criteria and I don’t know, which is relevant for me:

2,5" or 3,5*?

5400 RPM or 7200 RPM?

4 KB sectors?


6 GB/s?

Thank you for the answer and your advices.

Perhaps you can advice me also a dashcam-system with compatible with HDD.

With regards


To be honest, I don’t have experience with dashcam systems. AFAIK, it will depend on what kind of drive the device supports.

WD has a line of drive designed for recording systems.

Please see the following links.

Hallo and much thanks for your reply.

Ive called with the company, which sell dashcam system (VA-SA650HD3GA) with HDD/SSD-compatibility. The manufacturer for this system sells Toshiba and Seagate HDD, but my experience with this HDDs… not the best…

The maximum capacity is 2TB (limited by software) and 2,5" (limited by the place) from this dashcam-system. Relevant is for me a HDD.

2TB SSD are to expensive and i dont think that make a big difference in performance at dashcams. The biggest benefit is flash ROM because shake in the car.

Perhaps its possible to connect this system with a 3,5" HDD (max. 2 TB) via SATA. The seller cant say this 100%. I must test it.

Ive wanted to buy a 5 or 6 TB HDD (for dashcam&generally back up), before I hear from the 2TB limit.

Now I search a HDD 3,5", only for back up. With them I want to test via SATA cable if it functioning at dashcam system. Because I think 3,5" is better and cheaper as 2,5"?

When it functioning, I order a 3,5" HDD 2 TB manufactured for dashcam systems.

  1. Which 2TB 3,5" HDD should I buy for back ups and storage?

  2. Which 2TB 2,5" HDD should I buy, when 3,5" are not functioning for dashcam system?

  3. Which 2TB 2,5" HDD should i buy, when 3,5" are functioning for dashcam system?

  4. It gave good HDD cases for shakes by drive in the car?

Thank you much.

With regards.