Search a broken mycloud

Hi all,

I’m search a mycloud 2to or 3to with a broken hardrive. The only thing that interested me it’s the board to make lot’s of test a  create add ons for the current firmware. 

With my actual mycloud , i can do lot’s of thing but can’t test new kernel without risk lost all my data.

If one people have it and want to sell me cheaper that a new one PM me please.

PS: I’ll post quiclky some tutorial to:

-Install TVmobili on mycloud (to replace this crappy twonky) [works very well and support srt over DLNA for some TV like LG TV :stuck_out_tongue: )

-Crosscompile shairport and make a airplay server with a cheap USB sound card  (4 € ) :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

This type of deals you are looking for are regularly found with Google.