Seagate hdd

Hello all I hope someone can help me I have a 2TB ex hdd and i have media on it but I hooked it up to wdtv live to watch shared media but it will not reconize the hdd can some one tell me why hdd same problem when i hooked it up to ps3 so wondering about the format of hdd please help.

                                                                                Thanks Movieman1288

I have two Seagate backup plus external hard drives ( 1Tb + 3Tb ). They are both formatted to NTFS and I have no problem with the Smp finding files. Hope this helps.


Perhaps your drive is defective.  Does it work with any computer/device?  (You listed two it did not.)

Something wierd going on here. I went to watch a film this morning and my player says no storage connected. Did a rollback on firmware, still no good. Plugged into Pc showing all files and playing in windows no problem. Did a drive check, still no problems detected. Why would Seagate drives suddenly not show up on Smp

Just reformatted my 1Tb hard drive to fat32 and put a couple of clips on and now the Smp finds the drive and plays the files. Which means that the problem must be the Smp suddenly not recognising the NTFS file system.

movieman1288 are you still having the problem