Seagate Free Agent Go Flex 1.5TB External Drive Doesn't Work On N750 Router

So i’ve sent up a support question to WD about a HD that doesn’t work. I responded to them as to what my issuse is. They told me what to do to test it, but here is what I have…

When the 1.5TB Seagate Free Agent Go Flex is connected to the N750 router, the light comes on & the drive actually spins. So it’s powered & running. The router just doesn’t see it.

  1. There are no issues with the drive & PC. There never have been. It has been used on 3 different PCs & the HDD works flawlessly.

  2. The current OS is Windows 7

  3. Both USB ports don’t recognize the drive at all. I’ve gone into the dash, set up storage, hit refresh & nothing happens.

  4. I did test the ports with a 16GB SanDisk Flash Drive & that seems to work. I have also tested an older Acom Data 60GB external drive which shows up as well as an older Maxtor One Touch from Seagate (500GB).

All of the above work. I am not sure why the 1.5TB drive doesn’t as there are no issues with it on any computer. The router either doesn’t like the fact it’s a USB 3.0 drive or the 1.5TB capacity. However I know WD has large capacity drives & it shouldn’t be an issue.

So tech note… The Seagate Free Agent Go Flex Drive 1.5TB doesn’t work on your N750 router. I attempted to re-try it after the other ones showed up & it is still showing nothing is connected.

This is the one I wanted to use on the router & not the other ones. The others are older ones that have been lying around.

I highly doubt the USB 3.0 is the problem, but since everything else works, it has to be that or some conflict between the two units. I don’t have any other USB 3.0 devices to try in the router.

Edit: WD support says there is probably a compatibility issue as they only test & guarantee their products. So if you don’t have a WD HDD it’s a guessing game whether your drive Will or won’t work.

Hi, since the Go Flex is a USB powered hard drive, it might not be receiving enough power from the my net, try using a shorter USB (18 inch) cable, avoid using USB extension cables or USB hubs. Also check if you have any firmware updates available for the Go flex or the my net. 

The cable on this device is like 8 inches. Very short, & the drive powers up when connected & spins away, so it’s getting power. No driver update for the drive.

MyNet has latest update. I have a feeling it’ll be one down the road to fix it.