Seagate 2TB usb 3.0 drive not recognised

First tried with a powered hub  (hub had previously accommodated multiple drives, including a seagate 2.0); not recognised, while other drives were.

I wasn’t sure if usb 3.0 into a 2.0 hub was an issue, so…

Tried drive direct into rear usb port, not recognised

Tried with front port, not recognised.

Drive has been instantly recognised by numerous PCs.

Any ideas?


You might need to download the latest firmware update.

The new firmware is of no help; It only has enhancements to apps and how videos play, and no mention of getting better at detecting hard drives. I just upgraded my unit, with no luck.

My WD Live TV just doesn’t detect one specific hard drive, but any other computer has no problems at all in detecting/reading the drive. Weird part is, the unit used to detect and play content from that very same drive until a few months ago. And then, it got moody. Only one out of 20 power cycles detects the disk.