Seagate 2TB FreeAgent GoFlex NAS streaming fine, will not pick up via USB

Seagate 2TB FreeAgent® GoFlex™ Home Network Storage System Network 

This drive will not pickup via USB. Over the network streaming works fine.

Has anyone else experienced this?



Same! Sometimes it takes forever (more than 15 minutes) and I disconnected a re-plugged and nothing happendes. My workaround and is the only one working for me right now is this one: I disconnected from the NAS base and connected directly to a computer via USB cable, YES a WINDOWS computer via the USB connector and let it run the checkdisk. I notice that everytime my drive is not detected, later I connected it to a Windows OS and it started the checkdisk by itself. It seems somehow the Index or File Table get corrupted and it needs to be fixes again and again. I did not notice the problem cause my main OS is Linux and I had no problem with the drive on it. But as soon as I boot from Windows it started to check the drive, when it finish it, I shut down the PC remove the drive and place it back on the NAS base and VOALA! Magic. Everything OK until next time. Try an Error until I have something more stable. NOTE: Since the NAS drive does not come with the USB base I bought one at Best Buy, but since the drive appears as a network drive when mounted on the NAS base maybe you can do the checkdisk from windows to the network drive. Don’t bother with the surface check, everytime gets fixed just with the basic fix. NOTE: Since last update (maybe August or September, I started to notice that some of my matroska videos are getting corrupted, especially when the drive is not recognized, I don’t know if is associated but is not the drive, the quantities or sizes of files on it since it is has happened on my WD 500gb usb drive as well almos empty with 2 or 3 720p MKV files. The files display 0 size and it gets corrupted somehow after connected to the WD. Any findings or questions please feel free to write at my email