SDK support for USB gamepad controller and remote control?

I bought WD TV Live few days ago, found out such device can be improved with the following suggestions:

1. Add support for USB gamepad controllers.

    - The games available via WD TV Live are so limited, either in gameplay or control.

       I would be happy if there is a game something like Namco Galaxian with USB gamepad control.

2. Add AppStore to allow more games to be created.

    - Apparently, this is one of the reason why Apple iOS devices remains its strong domain in mobile devices market share.

    - By opening up a WD AppStore, it allows software developers to publish games for WD TV Live,

      WD gets its entertainment area improved, the same time opened up new business channels.

    - Makesure it is supporting all regions and the SDK is using C/C++.

Your post sounds more like an Idea.

You can submit both of this on the Ideas Board.

Make sure to check before if there’s another idea like this already submitted.

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