SD card failure and data recovery

HI! New here, after what appears to be a failure of my berryboot sd card, I would be really happy to recover all my installs and their data, wich are on the 1TB HD. .

So far, it seems the only way is to re-install, at the expense of losing everything (precious music library) that is on the HD.

Been using for 2 months now, stock Berryboot setup (PSU, card, HD…) no mods att all!

Yes…I will make backups next time :slight_smile:

Hi, how does it fail? What was the system doing/running before the failure occurred?


I just turned on the unit (pluged back the micro usb commector) like
always. THen…nothing. Steady red light, etc. I now tried putting in a
freshly formated berryboot sd card in, just to test, played with backup
options a bit to see if I could make the whole thing go back again with the
image+data on the HD.
Well, it worked and I don’t quite understand how. But now, at the
berryboot startup windows, it keeps telling me there is no wifi
device/dongle (I have a pi3). I always used the wifi for internet/network

I’m new to this world of diy computers, raspberrys and such. Sd card failure seems to be quite significant enough that some form of efficient backup/recovery must exist for the berryboot system. Maybe i did not look hard enough or did not ask soon enough?

don’t worry, if you would re-install your SD card, you can just download the Bitwar Data Recovery in advance to recover your data, I have met similar situation, and I used this tool, so hope it can also help you.
In addition, making a backup is really important.