Scrolling through photos with Irfanview

It may seem simple, but it’s frustrating…

I’m the happy owner of a MyCloud. Have all my photos in there. When accessing my photos on my pc (through the MyCloud software, latest updates installed) and open the first photo in a folder, it uses Irfanview to open this. Makes sense, as I have Irfanview installed as my standard program for .jpg files.

But when I click ‘next’ in irfanview, it says it’s at the end of the folder and I can’t see any more pictures. And that folder isn’t the Mycloud folder but something like this:

C:\Users\NAME\AppData\Roaming\com.wd.WDMyCloud\Local Store

Question is: why does it open this way (is it a mycloud issue or an Irfanview one) and is there a solution?

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Do you encounter this behavior when you open picture files directly from your WD My Cloud NAS in Windows Explorer instead of using the WD My Cloud app?

Is this local use? If so just use the irfanview to access the photos and it will work the same as it does locally except for being slower

if it dosn’t support network access then map a drive 1st

when you use the mycloud app to open a picture, document etc it will sace it in a temporary area and pass this location to your default app, the app only has access to 1 file,

edit, FYI as a general rule use file explorer or other apps for local access and the WD apps for remote access

This happened both using Irfanview directly and in Explorer.
Solution was mapping a drive using the WD discovery tool.

Mycloud app still has the problem, but don’t like using it anyway :slight_smile: