Scrolling stops after 5 keypresses or so

I recently upgraded my media player to firmware 2.01.86 and this gives me a few more options.

I use this player to listen to music / view films on my Apple imac.

I have the possibility to connect to the Mac through, the former Linux-share (NFS) or the Mac-share (which is available after update 2.01.86).

When I want to scroll through the list of available songs on the Mac, I have to wait every 4-5 keypresses since there is no reaction from the media player. After a few seconds, the scrolling continues. This is an annoying bug that was not there in the previous firmware release.

Does anyone has experience in this?

Try powercycling the WDTV, if the problem continues, press the reset button on the bottom side. 

I also did a cold restart but the sympton stays.

I did some further testing and found out that this phenomena also occurs when entering alpha nummeric data via the remote control. For example when entering a search criteria in you tube.
So it is something else.

Hi again, you can try rolling back to a previous firmware version and then reinstall the latest version again. 

How to roll back the firmware on a WD TV Live Hub Media Center or WD TV Live Streaming Media Player 

I have the same issues.  Mine pertains to movie files though.  I dont use the music part.

I posted something here a few weeks ago, but nothing has been resolved.

It is firmware specific as the 1.16.13 ver is a bit faster and 1.15.10 is even better.

Someone at WD needs to look at how the SQL info is being accessed or how the data is moving differently.

I have 3 of these units in my home. 1 wired and 2 wireless.

Using 2.01.86

I find that scrolling backwards is the most time consuming intil is reaches the ‘S’ or ‘T’ names in my movie titles.  Then it scrolls faster.  But after it gets to ‘H’ area, its slow again.  ‘A-H’=slow ‘I-T’=fast ‘U-Z’=slow

Using 1.16.13

I find that scrolling backwards is also the most time consuming intil is reaches the ‘S’ or ‘T’ names in my movie titles.  Then it scrolls fast.  But after it gets to ‘E’ area, its slow again.  ‘A-E’=slow ‘F-T’=fast ‘U-Z’=slow

Believe it or not it also seems like the WIFI units scroll faster due to the speed at which the SQL db can pass the read content.  If you know what I mean… Like, the WIFI is that much slower when passing the movie content to the screen as compared to the call for ‘Next Page’.  WIFI cant load all the movie sheets fast enough so it skips them making it scroll faster.

Where on a wired connection, the data loads faster and ‘tries’ to load the movie sheets which slows down the call for ‘Next Page’.

Get any of that?  Kinda hard to explain.  But it is firmware specific.