Scrolling horizontal line

My problem is so subtle, I analyzed and troubleshooted quite a bit and hesitated a long time before posting to this board.

For sake of this community, here is my setup:

LG 60" plasma 1080P TV
Pioneer VSX-1020 HDMI out connected to TV
WDTV Live Hub latest firmware 2.06.10 (5/2011) HDMI 1.3B in connected (through receiver)
Bell TV HD PVR satellite receiver (9242) HDMI 1.3b in connected

Please keep in mind, I’ve tried changing cables, hooking directly, changing ports, disconnecting and removing any external devices that may intefere withiout success.

When playing a movie of ANY format or any kind from the internal OR streaming from the wired or wireless network through the WD Live Hub, I get an occasional Scrolling hortizontal line rolling up the screen. Perhaps once per minute. It is very subtle and quick. so quick in fact, I could not take a picture, no matter how quick i reacted.

I was wondering if anyone has had that problem, I have exhausted all the possible resources, to identify the actual root cause of my problem.

Keep in mind it does not happen while watching regular TV or broadcast, through DVD/Bluray/satellite.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

Generally, a scrolling HORIZONTAL line (assuming a digital display LCD/plasma) is the introduction of excess current in the path of the display signal.  Plain English?  You’ve got a power source too close to the video cable somewhere.

Example:  A transformer is touching the insulated HDMI/component cable.  This is very common.  Also common is having a power cable in cloase parallel proximity to a signal cable; again the HDMI or component cables.

Segregate [AC power] from [video signal] cables as much as possible.  If that doesn’t work you could then try a ferrite, but let’s see if the segrergation fixes yor issue first.


Unfortunately, I don’t think your theory applies in my case… I did mention that I had not scrolling lines when using other video devices…and these video devices are all connected through HDMI and those HDMI cables are all close together and connected through the AV receiver. I’ll keep searching. Thanks anyway.