Scrolling gallery view

Hey guys

Has anybody noticed that since the last firmware upgrade the scrolling in the gallery view has also changed.

Before when you used to press the right or left button on the remote, it used to scroll one by one, but now when you press the button, after scrolling 3-4 items it suddenly scrolls 2-3 pages, which I find really annoying

I am sure why WD has implemented this feature or maybe a bug because if a user want to scroll the whole page it can be easily done be pressing by prev page or next page button.

I would really like WD to look in to this and if possible fix or revert back to the original operation where you could scroll the items ones by one not just suddenly starting jumping the pages.

Also if somebody knows a way around, please let me know.

Thanks! :smiley:

No, I haven’t noticed that.   I use gallery view 100% of the time and have not had that issue.

It might be a generic REMOTE issue.   

Do you see any misbehavior when navigating other VIEWS or the main menu?

Hmm, i have tried these setps but it hasnt solve dthe problem.

I have fully reset the player and tried but it hasnt worked

I have downgraded the firmware to an earlier one and it dosnt happen that in the earlier firmware

I reinstalled the the lastest 1.05 firmware and it is happening again

Are you sure that when you go to the galler mode and you press (AND HOLD) right key of left key, after 3-4 scrolls it dosnt start jumping whole pages?

I have also tried on my mate’s wdtv and its happening the same there as well.

Are you sure you are pressing and holding the button, becuase just pressing the button everytime dosnt change the behaviour it happens when you press and hold the button to scroll.

Can anyone else please confirm this? I would really appreciate that

Thanks :slight_smile:

Oh.  I didn’t see in your first posts that you’re HOLDING the button down.

I don’t typically do this, because as you said, I use the Page Skip button when I want to move quickly.