Scrolling black and white image

This is a “WD TV LIVE Streaming Media Player”


I bought this unit ‘recertified’. It turns on, becomes warm quite fast and for the first second after turning on it shows a normal full color stable image of the WD logo, but then goes into a non-stop b&w scrolling image…

I wonder, could this be the calbe I am using… I have a composite yellow,white,red cable which on the other end has both a black and yellow male connections, but that would not explain why it shows everything ok for the first few seconds… could it also be that this device detects ntsc/pal and perhaps the cable is not the proper cable to allow proper detection and so the device then switches into PAL?

It can’t detect NTSC or PAL, but it’s possible that’s the issue. Turn it on and wait a few minutes. Then press and HOLD the reset button on the box for more than 10 seconds. That will swap between the two modes.

Thank you SO much! I called WD support and their solution was to send me out a new cable… 

I had a suspicion this was the issue all along but I had no idea how to make the box switch to ntsc.

Awesome.  Glad I could help.  ;)