Scroll videos on WD My Cloud Mirror

I have some avi and mkv video files in my WD Cloud Mirror, but when I try to play them on VLC through the “WD My Cloud” app, although they can be played, the duration showed by VLC is 00:00h, and it is impossible to go forward or rewind the video.
I’ve tried to map the drive and open the videos through the Window’s File Explorer, but it still remains impossible to get moved over the played movie.

The original files in the HDD of the PC are right, so I can watch them and go forward or rewind without any problem.

Could you help me to scroll through the films played in the WD My Cloud Mirror?

I have no issues when playing files using Media Player Classic as opposed to VLC. Have you tried other video players?

First, I’m sorry for the delay in replying, and want to thank you for the answers.
About this issue, yes, I’ve tried to use other video players; the WMP can’t open the files. The Media Player Classic can open them, and with a correct time code, but if I try to scroll through it, the image stills fix and the time is going on.

It seems impossible to me watch movies on my WDCloudMirror…