Screwspace at bottom of drive

dear WD folks,at the bottom of each drive there are holes to allow you to put screws into.

i recently bough the new fractal design 3500 case.

this case tightens the HD position by using the screws spaces only at the bottom.

the holes at the bottom of a WD 2 TB green drive are quite deep.

the screw from this case can handle this perfectly.

however a WD 6TB red has that space halved…

because of that the ‘too long’ screws can no longer be inserted  completely.

i assume there are certain mounting regulations…

i let the WD screw have a look at this.

i will also inform FD about this thread

Hi sledge. Our Knowledge Base has some information about screw type and dept for our drives. I included some links below if they help.

3.5-inch form factor mounting screw depth change

Mounting Hole and Screw Info