Screensaver walkthrough

Hi, forgive me for sounding like a total noob and flame away if you must, but I haven’t seen this EXACT question asked.

I’ve owned this WDTV LIVE SMP for about a week and love it. 

I’ve figured just about everything except the screensaver for some reason. 

Would someone please give me a *literal* walkthrough of every single absolute step of how to choose a directory for
“folder photo slideshow” .

Everything I seem to do seems to be the right way, but no matter what I do when I choose my own directory of photos to use as the screensaver on my usb external hdd, all I get is the WD logo instead of my directory of photos.

I know you do the following, go to:

1: setup
2: appearance
3: screensaver style
4: folder photo slideshow
5:  (then you get to directory path where you need to choose and I find it and have it listed up on the screen.

Then you have the green “choose here” or “click here to choose” message and I do.  Then hit the green check mark.

I wait 5 minutes and all I get is the WD logo for a screensaver still.

There’s got to be something in step 5 I am not getting or doing wrong?  Is it just me or others have this problem too? 

What is it in step 5 that’s gone awry?

Are there any other problems like the directory needs to be in the root or something special, are the files too big (100k-500k .jpg)  

Thank you ahead of time.

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AFAIK it only works if you select the folder from an attached USB hard drive or flash drive,  and not from a network location.

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