Screensaver in aeonish theme

I have joeys theme installed on 2.07.17, modified a few things to suit my taste. once ive worked out how to display pictures and upload, i will share the bits i have done… anyways to the topic. i had a live before and i could change the main screen picture, and screen saver as long as they were named correctly and place in the root of the drive.

can i change the screensaver to the hub ? or does it need a script to make the player use something else other than default ?

Yes, you can change them, the main screen image is “RV-BG.jpg”, which is in the themes “image” folder.  However for the Aeonish theme I don’t think that it is used much, if at all, and not at all for the home page.

The screensaver goes in the “image” folder too, I don’t think that the Aeonish theme has it though so you’ll have to pull the original from another theme that has it, like Legacy.  It is the image named “welcome_logo.png”, yes it is named wrong because it has nothing to do with the Welcome screen, and is the screen saver logo.

thanks for your reply… i believe it was named the same on the live. i have my old one off my live which i would like to use on the hub., 

so its just the matter of dropping it in the folder… no extra .xmls needed, or lines added anywhere ?

Actually on the Live & Live Plus, it was “villa_bg.jpg”.

Just FYI.

And yes, you don’t have to edit any xmls, just the image is needed.

villa_bg.jpg, what the main front screen… i believe the screensaver, was as you mentioned before. 

ok well will give that a try… thanks again

Yes, that is what I was refering too.

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