Screensaver content?

I’ve been trying to get my screensaver to show a photo slideshow when it kicks in.  According to the user manual I should be able to “choose a Random Photo Slideshow of photos stored in the media player’s internal drive or a Folder Photo Slideshow of photos from a single folder as your screensaver”

So I choose the option for Folder Photo Slideshow and get the message “no content source available”.

How do I get the slideshow to read from a folder on my NAS?

(by the way, I didn’t think this media player had an internal drive?  If it does, how do I get content onto it?)

Not an INTERNAL drive, a LOCAL drive.   Meaning a USB drive.

Thanks Tony. The manual specifically says ‘internal’ - hence my question.

So I need to have a USB device with my screensaver photos plugged in to use this feature?  Seems like a waste of a USB stick and slot since the NAS is always connected anyway.  Maybe this is something for a future firmware upgrade?

Yeah, I’m still waiting for a black screen as a screensaver. The flipping WD logo annoys me even from the corner of my eye.

Tech:  Put a black JPG on a USB disk.  :smileyvery-happy: