Screen saver not using photos chosen


I have created a folder on the internal drive called ‘images’ and in that placed a folder named ‘screensaver’

Then in the ‘options/appearance/screen saver style’ I have chosen ‘photo folder slideshow’. Then navigated to the ‘screensaver’ folder and pressed ‘select here’.

And sure thing. The WD screensaver logo shows every time.

I have tried to rebuild library to make sure i knows the images are there. All images are .jpg as the hub has no problem reading those. Should they be another format?


First off, are you using FW 2.03.24?   There were some unusual screen-saver issues in the previous versions, and there’s still one or two right now, but I haven’t seen that particular issue in quite a while.

HOWEVER, if the Screen Saver comes on WHILE pausing a movie or something, that can still happen.

JPG is definately fine.  

Finally, just a procedural quesiton:

When you SELECT the SCREENSAVER folder, are you actually selecting INTO that folder before selecing “Select Here?”

Yes I am using 2.03.24. and I am selecting into the folder. I can choose nothing else than ‘select here’. It doesnt show files or folders when I select it.

I have not experienced the screen saver activate during pause in movies.

I had chosen anodized theme earlier but have reverted to the default.

As I write this reply something has happened. I had made a favorite from a folder on my NAS, when using the favorite it said no files in folder - when navigating through the ‘videos/network/blabla.’ it found all of the videos.

So I removed the favorite and the hub rebooted taking 10+ minutes to load mochi.

After that the screen saver works… and no the screen saver folder is on the internal drive of the hub.

Though I did not reboot the hub after changing back to the original theme.

And as still writing the WD logo saver started again. While running the photos saver the WD just took over after 3-5 minutes.

Makes no sense to me.

I hope someone out there have an answer :smiley: