Screen goes blank and computer freezes when I connect to USB 3.0 port when computer is running

Hi all,

Need help. Have bought a new MSI AE2420 computer and passport essential 500GB USB 3.0. When I connect the drive to the USB 3.0 port - when computer is running - the screen goes blank and I am unable to do anything but a manual poweroff. However when it is connected on start up it works fine. Also when I connect to the USB 2.0 port when running it works fine.

I have done the latest firmware upgrades to the drive, but still no luck.

Not sure if it is a computer or WD fault.

Thanks in advance

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Hi there… This is quite odd I should say… If I were you I’d first try another 3.0 cable and then another computer to check which one is the one at fault in here…