Screen goes blank after logo on either composite or HDMI, reseting does nothing

I am having the exact same issue that another gentlemen posted below.  I purchased a refurbished model from ecost and it seems to be DOA. 

The issue:

I’ve tried every output (HDMI, component, composite) and get the same result every time, so I can’t get to any menus, even when using composite.  The only thing I can see from the box is what I assume is the boot screen, where it has the WD logo and says “WD TV Live HD Media Player” under that.

I just sent this fully-detailed description to WD support:

"I just received my “refurbished” WD TV Live HD Media Player yesterday.  When I plug it in, the WD logo appears on the screen for about 5-10 seconds and then the screen goes black and my tv says “No Signal”.  I’ve tried this using an HDMI cable, and both the component and composite cables included with the product.  The WD logo appears each time, so I can tell the cords are connected correctly, but the screen goes to black after the logo each time.

I’ve tried pressing the reset button on the side, which did nothing.  The device stayed on and there was no change on my TV screen.  I then held the reset button for 10+ seconds, after reading online that that switches from NTSC to PAL.  No luck there.  I’ve tried to reset and the NTSC/PAL switch multiple times on each output.

I’ve also unplugged the device for 5+ minutes inbetween switching output formats.  No luck there either.

Is my “refurbished” device just faulty? Help please?"

It sounds like you are taking the right steps. When you are having this type of problem it is best to try to connect your TV with the composite video output of the WD box. If you don’t get a picture, try switching between NTSC and PAL. …But you already have tried that. I can’t really think of anything else to try that you haven’t already done. Maybe you were unlucky enough to get 2 bad WD boxes? What is the model of your TV?