Screen goes black after two minutes of Video

Occassionally when I commence playing a video, the movie plays correctly then after about two minutes the screen goes blank for about five seconds then video returns and continues normally. I can stil hear sound when the screen goes blank and video play is stil progressing - just no picture. This happens whether I am streaming video from my computer or playing directly from a USB plugged into my WD unit.

Using firmware 1.01.11

Anyone else encounter this?

I am assuming it plays normally in your PC, but is only showing it through WDTV Live. Is this for all video files or a particular one? Can you share more info about the video file you are streaming? Like what it was encoded in, codec, bitrate, file type etc?

Yes, plays normally on my PC.

It happens with various video files or photos or simply scrolling through the WD menu etc. Happened again tonight when watching a streamed video. Went blank after about 9 minutes. Noticed this also when viewing some photos so it appears it is not just when I play video.

It only happens at most once per session (a session being from the time I power on the unit until I have finished and power off) however does not occurr every session.

Based upon current information I am assuming it is the unit and not the source causing the problem however I think I will need to encounter the problem a few more times to try and narrow down the problem.

How are you connecting to your media? Is it streaming from your PC? Is it with samba shares? Its possible the mediaserver you are using to stream is not streaming properly!

I stream from my PC however the same problem has occurred when playing a video file from a USB plugged directly into the WD unit so I do not believe it is a network or streaming issue. Happened again tonight - 3 times across two movies.

In order to figure out whats going on you would want to get a MediaInfo file on one of the movies it is happening to. Just do a google for mediainfo and you should find the utility. Once done attach the file to this thread and hopefully we can see whats wrong.

Are you streaming with a DLNA streaming server (aka twonky) or just trying to read it from a network share?

I had this happening, and it was simply a crappy HDMI cable.  Replacing the cable solved the problem!

Obviously it’s not the content if it’s doing it on all those different sources and media.  I’d look at the connections, maybe try Component if you are using HDMI, and also check the settings in your TV or Projector.

Yes, I was thinking it may be the HDMI cable. Will try it with a new cable and see how that goes.

Yes - faulty HDMI cable. All good now :wink: