Scrambled Video after Device Reset

I was having some problems with the media library that I couldn’t seem to resolve so I did a reset, but now I have a display issue…

After restoring the device to the factory defaults, it rebooted but now all I get is scrambled video.   I am connecting to a 720p TV via a component connection, and it is has worked fine since I purchased the device 3 months ago.  In fact, I had no issues at all with the original set-up.

My TV only has one HDMI input, which I use for my cable box, but I’ve temporarily disconnected the cable box and used it’s HDMI cable to connect the HUB and it works fine.  Using the HDMI connection I then attempted to set the video settings to Component and 720p at 60Hz (tried 50Hz too), but it doesn’t seem to have any effect; I restart the decvice with a component connection and the video is still scrambled.  If I go back to the HDMI connection again, the video setting have somehow reset themselves to HDMI (auto).

I haven’t tried a composite connection, but I’ll probably give that a shot when I get home later, maybe I can force the settings that way before reverting back to my component connection.  Or perhaps I’ll try another reset.

In the meantime, anybody have any thoughts?

If you used the RESET BUTTON, you might have inadvertently set it to PAL format instead of NTSC (or vice versa.)

Try pressing the reset button, while the system is ON, for MORE THAN 10 seconds.  

Sorry, I should have been clearer, I used the “Reset All Settings Back to Factory Default” option in the menu.

If it were switched to PAL mode, would it work via HDMI?

Yes, HDMI would still work.

Component is also unaffected by the PAL / NTSC switch.  They only impact on Composite connections.

Tony, it makes no sense to me, but think you were on to something…

I first tried reseting it again by using bottom button, but it didn’t seem to work, so I tried again but held the button for 10 seconds.  After a few seconds of a scrabled image it started working.  Interestingly, when I then went to the video settings it was set to composite, which I then changed to component 720p @ 60Hz. 

I am back in business… thanks!