Scrambled configuration, need to completely reinstall

I’ve had MyCloud EX2 about 2 years. Originally accessed through a PC as the “administrator” and a MacBook as a user, then added apps on an iPhone and iPad. Between bad record-keeping, OS upgrades, etc., I’ve lost the “administrator bubble”. I can access the EX2 from my network, sometimes remotely. But I seem to have lost my administrator privileges (I’m not sure of my ID and password.

How can I do a complete reinstall like it was a new purchase? Where is the best and most complete guidance for how to configure access from all my devices?

Thanks for any help (before I pull out my hair!!)

P.S. Otherwise, very happy with my EX2

P.S. a complete reinstall without losing the current contents.

You don’t need a reinstall. You likely need to reset the device like other My Cloud devices, and your passwords will be cleared and your data files remain intact. But, I don’t have and EX2, so I can’t tell you how to do it. But, you do, so if you have the complete user manual the info is in there or in the FAQs for the EX2. If you don’t have the manual, you can download it from the Support section of main site: