SCP directly from PR4100?

Hello, I would like to scp directly from my PR4100 without having a workstation in the loop.

I can SSH into the PR4100 and I can initiate and SCP directly from the PR4100 to move files from a remote server to my NAS - e.g.,

scp @<remote_server> /nfs/

Of course, I am doing this on my local machine (a laptop). I can run the whole thing in the background, close my terminal window (I use ‘screen’ on a macbook to do this), and the scp continues. But I cannot shut down my laptop altogether.

Is there a way to let the NAS run the SCP directly and completely remove my laptop from the loop.

Thank you.

Run the scp command in the background by appending and ampersand ‘&’ to the command line?

Not sure if processes launched from a session, and put into the background, will terminate when the session closes… Worth a try, though.

The issue with running SCP a s background process is that it becomes impossible to enter the password/authentication on the remote server

Can you not enter the user/password in the command line?

Or use pscp from the PuTTY suite:

^the preview is a bit misleading, as the answer I’d recommend going with is the one that uses ssh keys. That way, you can have everything run directly from the NAS.