Scorpio Black 750gb: Rapidly Climbing G-Sense Error Rate when laptop is stationary

New drive with approx. 500 power on hours. I notice that the G-sense error rate attribute has starting climbing. Initially it was only a few counts per day, now it can be as much as 60–the G-sense error rate is about 300.

All other SMART values are fine–no pending sectors, reallocated sectors, read error rate, other error rates all zero. No operation problems detected. Passed Lifeguard tools test. The laptop is on a cooler on a desk sitting on foam and is stationary with no drops or impacts. At first (when it was climbing by a few countfs per day) I thought it might be my leg bumping the desk, but I tried that intentionally to the point where the monitor shook but that was NOT detected by the g sense error rate (no change).

So, what’s up with this attribute? Is the sensor just faulty? Is it detecting seek vibrations from the drive itself? If it’s merely that the sensor is broken, I can live with that, but if it’s telling me something else is wrong, what is it, and how can I fix it?

In this type of situations is good to get another test on the drive with a different software