Schematic needed

I have a WD external drive, model # WD1600I032 that had a broken USB jack. I opened the unit, replaced the jack, but it still didn’t work. That’s when I noticed that a couple of components directly behind the jack appear to have been sheared off the circuit board when the old jack got pushed in too far.

The board has the following printed on it:



     1U (PATA)


and on the reverse side:

     P/N 2060-701437-003 REV. A

I need a schematic to determine what values these components were:

  • L31
  • D5
  • D6

I know I can just take the drive out of this box and install it in another, but if i can fix this one inexpensively with a couple of diodes and a coil(?), I’d prefer to do that. Besides,  I like a challenge!

Can anyone help with what these components might have been?


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