Scheduling function?

Can’t quite work out why the MyCloud dashboard doesn’t include functionality to schedule the device. Considering the size and nature of the drive, it’s obviously aimed at home users so seems very odd to not include this function. The hard drive constantly waking up can be very disturbing at night, and allowing users to set times for the drive to sleep doesn’t seem like much to ask?

What sort of “schedule” are you looking to have the My Cloud perform?

There are numerous other threads discussing the My Cloud not going to sleep properly. There are several services one can stop that greatly improve the unit’s ability to remain in sleep mode and not wake up every 10 minutes (or sooner). Some past threads:

The issue is more when it wakes, not the fact it does. I know that obviously a back up drive is going to chirp up now and then, and obviously will make noise when backing up. What would be great is if it was possible to set times when the drive will not wake, and is forced to remain in ‘sleep mode’. Most wifi routers have the ability for you to force it to switch off between certain hours, and this would be good for the MyCloud. Especially as it doesn’t include a standby switch.