Scheduled weekly Smartware Pro backiup shows missed backup

I have set up a weekly backup, Saturday 2am, but when I check ‘scheduled backup status’ it shows ‘missed backup’, even though everything is setup correctly. I have a Windows 10 computer and it is setup to go to sleep after 20 minutes.
Do I need to set the computer’s sleep mode to ‘never’ on Friday the day before and once the backup as completed return sleep mode back to 20 minutes?
Any help would be much appreciated., Best, Dave

Hi there,

When the computer goes to sleep does the hard drive turn off? This could be what is preventing the backup from being made.

Hi ArMak

The computer goes to sleep after 20 minutes and I assume that the hard drive turns off as there is no sound. How do I make the computer go to sleep but stop the hard drive from turning off?

Best Dave