Scheduled Backup not allowed on USB Device

I recently received my new MyCloud and rather than scheduled Safepoints, the new device offers the opportunity to Create a Backup Job. I am using a MyBook connected to the MCloud as the backup device. When creating the Backup Job, the only option for a recurring backup is to backup when the device is plugged in. There is no option to schedule a regularly occurring backup to a USB Device. Can Western Digital bring this feature back. Thanks, John


Its a known problem with the newer v2.x single bay My Cloud units.

Please voice your view on this lack of a backup scheduler in the following Cloud Ideas thread. The more people complain, hopefully the quicker WD will move it to the top of the list of things to add to the v2.x firmware.


Can WD add scheduled backups to this product please.

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Hi, this is a fairly old reply, but can I ask if it is still correct?
I am looking at a My Cloud device:

I need it to regularly maintain a copy of itself on a connected USB drive such as a WD My Passport.
I can see in the My Cloud user manual that safepoints (around page 71) should do this:

But this post is casting doubt.

Can anyone confirm the manual on the link is applicable to the product on the argos link?
And the safepoints can be “Auto updates help keep your safepoint up to date with the content on your My Cloud device by copying changes since the last update”.

This I hope is effectively a sync so that the USB is continually a replica of the NAS.

Then if the NAS failed, the USB could be either “recovered” to a new complete My Cloud or maybe a replaced disk in the My Cloud.

Alternatively the USB My Passport could be used directly to a PC to access files.
PC an Mac presumably OK on the My Passport as well.

Sorry if this post has grown, but all too often, backup functionality is not what you hope it will be.
Many thanks.

Very unlikely. That’s the manual for the Gen1 devices, which used ‘Safepoint’ for their backup process.

Gen1 devices were replaced by Gen2 devices at least 18 months ago, so it is unlikely that you will be able to buy a Gen1 device from Tesco, or anywhere. The only way I know of by which you can tell the devices apart when buying is the size of the box; Gen1 came in a roughly cubic box. Gen2 came in a smaller box, cuboid, but much less cubic…

As you will see from the comments above, Gen2 devices replaced the ‘Safepoint’ feature with the ‘Backup’ feature, but, in the process, WD decided to remove the ability to perform scheduled backups.

This may have been yet another vertical market differentiation policy tweak, along with the remote backup facility. Remote backup is available with the My Cloud Mirror devices; maybe scheduled backups are also available with the Mirror devices.

Just to complicate things further, it is likely that Gen2 devices will also start to disappear from shops, replaced by the new MyCloud Home devices. I have no idea what random selection of features they offer…

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