Scheduled backup from my PC to My Cloud

I bought My Cloud Home to back up my files from my laptop. (Not sure if that is the right or best use of My Cloud - but I am not very tech savvy and just needed a backup in case the laptop crashed.) Is there any way for me to schedule a nightly backup from my laptop to My Cloud?


You could refer to the following link:

You can use the wd home my cloud to back up from the client to windows 10 for backups just like storing a system image, to do this you need to find out the IP that learns from the WD HOME MY CLOUD of your router, once you know the IP address Example:, you open the windows file explorer and in the address bar you put the following . in the backup tool windows asks you for username and password but as it doesn’t just have to put the following user information: a password: a and give in next this way you can make backups without problem in Windows (Any version)

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