Schedule/Queue USB Backups


please add this feature. I cannot believe there is no scheduled backup available. Seems like a pretty basic feature for a NAS drive


Have just purchased a new MyCloud 2TB after my old one failed after 3 years and REALLY dismayed to find no scheduling of backups on the new version of the device. Please add


I just bought a My Book 3TB to backup my new My Cloud exclusively and I will have to run the task each time manually … Ridiculous.

If this is a marketing reason, please allow at least WD products …


It is absolutely inexcusable that there is no way to automatically update my My Cloud to my My Book. If I was asked right now I would not recommend either of these devices to anyone because of this.


Add my voice to the request to add scheduled backups ala V1 versions (Networked and USB) , it’s a MUCH needed option to avoid data loss , especially where multiple people are using the Myclouds and only one person has admin access to run a backup , if I’m away from the system for a week or more and it fails, a LOT of updated files could be lost.


2 years and the feature is still missing!! One more vote for the scheduled backups on USB devices! I’m running a V4 MyCloud for 2 years and was very happy up to now. Just bought another brand new V2 MyCloud and missed the safepoint feature. WD please don’t disappoint me!


PLEASE add this feature to the scheduler under USB Backups.
I bought an additional WD 2TB Black My Passport just for this purpose and now it is pretty much USELESS because the firmware of my WD EX2 Ultra lacks this feature.
The fact that such a basic feature is missing is just unbelievable and absolutely inexcusable!!!
I will certainly never return to WD as a customer if future firmware versions keep lacking this feature, also considering the fact that this feature was already requested THREE YEARS AGO!


I just bought EX2 and this lack of feature is just bummer.

As someone else said, it’s been nearly three years, and missing this feature is inexcusable.

So far I’ve encountered a lot of problems with WD cloud. WD sync not working and finding my cloud when not in local network, lack of open API and this.

This is the biggest issue so far. Very disappointing device, definitely not recommending anybody buying it.


Scheduling backups is a critical and overdue feature. Please add this!


Found out this today while setting up USB backup on two servers at work :confused:
Couldn’t believe its not a standard feature.
This is a fundamental feature! Please include it in a future firmware update. Otherwise we cannot use WD NAS systems. Thank you.


I will be returning the ultra to get a ReadyNAS for this issue, which ■■■■■ because I prefer the UI of my cloud


Any movement on this? I just purchased one and I am very unhappy that it includes a “backup” with no schedule support. Had I known that there was no scheduling option I would have not purchased this device. After 3 - 4 years it still has not made its way into the firmware? Come on. Looks like I will be sending it back.


I would want to express my profound support to this request.
Scheduling backups is a feature that should be available on a standard basis for a WDMyCloud and could easily be provided as part of an upgrade of the firmware.
With all due respect, after 5 years of continued complaints, I would think that it’s about time that WD customer support responds to it.
I’m crossing the fingers something would happen this time.


I figured out a workaround.

  1. Enable ssh and log into WD MyCloud unit
  2. Create a share
  3. symlink from the local drive (with the share you created earlier(/mnt/HD/HD_a2/Remote where Remote is the share name) to the USB drive (/mnt/USB/USB1_b1/Remote) using ln -s /mnt/USB/USB1_b1/Remote /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Remote
  4. Create a new local backup job with settings of your choice
  5. Select the new share you created earlier as your destination
  6. Run backup
  7. The source of your backup will now go to your USB backup drive. If I run top I can see a bunch of rsync processes running:
    4312 4311 root R 14144 2.7 0 13.9 rsync --timeout=60 --job-name=Media!_internal -rlptDHq --delete /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Public/ /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Remote/Media/2019-04-18-115934/Public
    3485 3029 root R 7712 1.4 0 12.3 rsync --timeout=60 --job-name=Backup!_internal -rlptDHq --delete /mnt/HD/HD_a2/TimeMachineBackup/ /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Remote/Backup/2019-04-18-115847/TimeMachineBackup
    3015 3014 root S 7808 1.5 0 11.3 rsync --timeout=60 --job-name=Backup!_internal -rlptDHq --delete /mnt/HD/HD_a2/TimeMachineBackup/ /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Remote/Backup/2019-04-18-115847/TimeMachineBackup
    5984 5797 root R 7392 1.4 1 11.3 rsync --timeout=60 --job-name=Backup!_internal -rlptDHq --delete /mnt/HD/HD_a2/TimeMachineBackup/ /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Remote/Backup/2019-04-18-120036/TimeMachineBackup
    5796 5795 root R 7648 1.4 1 10.7 rsync --timeout=60 --job-name=Backup!_internal -rlptDHq --delete /mnt/HD/HD_a2/TimeMachineBackup/ /mnt/HD/HD_a2/Remote/Backup/2019-04-18-120036/TimeMachineBackup