Schedule auto backup of NAS at a specific hour and day

I don’t know if it’s just me, but i didn’t see the posibility to schedule an auto backup at a specific hour and day.

I don’t want to run manualy my backup tasks, so i want the posibility when i create/edit a Job to have some fields for the hour and day that it will start. This should be for every type of backup ( USB, Remote, etc)

Right now i see only manual running of the Job or when the USB is pluged in.

Backup is extremly important for a NAS and it should be a very powerfull tool.

I made this as a suggestion also in the Idea Box, hope WD looks at it and it’s not just a waste of time what we try to contribute here to make it better.


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Are you referring to NAS backups? Because you are currently able to run scheduled backups using WD SmartWare when backing-up hosts computers.

i am refering to NAS-> USB,NAS and USB,NAS->NAS

I was looking for this feature as well. I would like to take snapshots at various times.

I modified the Backup Type field to Synchronize. This I use to keep an USB device in sync with the RAID files.

This was not in my manual. My current Firmware is 1.05.30

I agree. This should be a standard feature. A manual backup where the user needs to click a button to start the backup job is not efficient or ideal at all. We need to be able to schedule backups. Why is that the less expensive My Cloud product has the “Safe Point” feature built in and this more expensive unit doesn’t?

you can also vote here, maybe it will drag their attention